Sneak Peek into “Sijjin”: A Terrifying Turkish Horror Adaptation!

Sneak Peek into "Sijjin": A Terrifying Turkish Horror Adaptation!

Sijjin: Rapi Films’ follow-up horror movie

Since “Waktu Maghrib” (2023) was a hit earlier this year, Rapi Films is working with Sky Media and Legacy Pictures to make their next horror movie, “Sijjin.” Watch the trailer for this scary movie directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu to get a feel for what’s to come before you go see the whole thing.

Scary Story Based on a Turkish Horror

The story for “Sijjin” was taken from the Turkish horror movie “Siccin” and written by Lele Laila. Anggika Bolsterli, Ibrahim Risyad, Niken Anjani, and Delia Husein are some of the young actors in the group. And then, if you’ve seen “Siccin,” the video might take you back to the scary world of the Turkish movie right away.

Highlights of the Scary Trailer

The trailer for “Sijjin” starts with a woman praying by herself, setting the scene for what’s to come. Later scenes add to the tension by showing disturbing images like bodies being dug up and dragged from graves, plates that are broken and strewn around, ritualistic gifts of a cow’s head and meat tightly wrapped around bones, and strange groups of women in a room.

“This scary movie is more intense, more local, and gives you a different kind of thrill in the theaters.” This time, a woman is in charge of directing “Sijjin” because the story is very much from a woman’s point of view. A mother with a blind daughter is shown in one story, and a woman who wants to steal someone else’s husband is shown in another,” says Sunil G. Samtani, the director of the film.

The director says that “Sijjin” will be a scary movie with mostly female characters. Are you interested in how scary “Sijjin” could be? From November 9, 2023, you can see the whole movie in cinemas. Also, don’t forget to check KINCIR for more information on different movies!

Get ready to feel cold: “Sijjin” promises a scary ride.

Horror movie based on the Turkish thriller “Siccin”

It’s time to add a scary movie to your watch list if you live in Indonesia: “Sijjin.” The title of this movie comes from the Turkish horror movie “Siccin.”

Claims of Spooky Feelings by the Cast

InsertLive asked the cast directly if “Sijjin” lives up to its scary reputation to make sure it was scary. Delia Husein and Ibrahim Risyad both said that “Sijjin” is a really scary event.

“We changed it for Indonesia because of the customs and prayers there. It’s based on the Turkish “Siccin,” which is really scary. As you can see on this sign, there is a picture of someone praying, among other things said Delia Husein.

In response, Ibrahim Risyad said that “Siccin” is known as a “cursed” movie in Turkey, with many people not being able to make it to the end.

Another creepy thing about “Sijjin” is that its plot is based on real events in Indonesian society.

Chills and curses in real life

“Fun fact: the story of Siccin is based on things that really happened in that area.” A lot of people even say the movie is cursed. “A lot of people in Turkey and Indonesia who watch ‘Siccin’ can’t handle it,” Ibrahim Risyad said.

“Perhaps it’s also very relatable to our lives because, in Indonesia, we have shamans, and many even use black magic and such,” he said.

But get ready for “Sijjin,” a scary movie that takes ideas from the creepy stories of Turkey and adds a touch of Indonesian culture and the supernatural to make it more real. The experience will be so scary that you won’t want to miss it!